This one's for, really!

When I started creating my granola blends, it was really important to me to build in a feeling of indulgence into every bite. I know we are all trying hard to be healthy and make good choices, and I'm not saying that you should throw that out the window! But, for me, myself personally? Food (and I'm pretty sure I'm not alone here) can be like a little bit of self-care, and is a helluva lot cheaper than a spa day!

But in all seriousness, you'd be surprised at how quickly it gets complicated when you're trying to build out a product line of granolas. It's like the food equivalent of starting with a blank sheet of paper. Should I make low-fat blends? What about a vegan line? Did everything have to have nuts? What about sugar-free? The possibilities were endless and hinged on overwhelming. So I did what all good consultants do and built a spreadsheet to organize my options. Twelve hours, 10 pivot tables and 100 Google tabs of granola recipes later and I was still searching for answers.


One thing was clear though: the products had to bring joy and a little bit of happiness in every scoop. Why was that you ask? Thank you for asking! I think of this as more than just creating new cereal blends - it's about creating a little bit of 'me time' or 'self care' right into every mix. Is it just me, or is it getting harder and harder to squeeze out even a few minutes of solace or relaxation? These days, I can't even eat a simple meal without multi-tasking. So my intention with Flatbush Granola is to create products that are so tasty, you will crave them. So delicious that you will give them your full attention when you sit down to eat. So yummy that you may want to keep them all for yourself, or share them very sparingly. Or not at all. Don't worry - your secret back-of-the-cupboard-behind-the-flaxseed-crisps hiding spot is safe with us!


I also realized through this process that creative inspiration can come from anywhere, which is why I welcome the feedback and ideas from our fans - drop us a line or hit us up on the socials with your ideas for new granola blends and products! We're happy to get back in the kitchen and keep experimenting to bring you exciting and innovative flavor combinations so tell us what you love and we'll keep looking for new ways to put a smile on your face!


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