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Venmo_Blazing Granola

Today was one of those rainy days where you just want to curl up on your couch and get under your blanket, blissfully catching up on your Netflix queue (as if! I won't make a dent in this lifetime).

But that was not going to happen today. I drove out to a friend's house in Jersey to pick up some baking stuff I'd left behind, and while I was there, my girl and her husband started asking me questions about the Chai Time blend and relayed to me how they were down to the bottom of the jar and it was causing a problem. Apparently Hubby was a little too over-zealous with his portioning and my girlfriend  had resorted to 'cutting' the Chai Time with some store bought granola she had in the house. Ouch! To make matters worse, her daughter joined in the sad face party, hitting me right in the gut.

What's a girl to do except save her friend from granola purgatory? I promised I would personally drop some off in the city this week because my heart couldn't take this horror story a minute longer. Smiles all around. And while I was at it, could I add a jar of the Fall Back? Yaaaaassssss of course I can. Whatever BeyBey wants, BeyBey gets! 

Entrepreneurship is hard. But any time you get a thumbs up like this one, you know you've got to keep on moving!

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  • I’m that BeyBey girl and that granola was the BOMB! Will be placing my next order shortly!


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